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¨Soft Country¨ music straight from the soul ❤...

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After many appearances together and after forming the awesome vocal duo in the highly acclaimed One Love Show musical tribute, Guylaine Angel Vachon and John Jed now join their voices and creativity to form the new Soft Country power duo Angel & Jed.

This incredible duo  will be in your neighborhood soon. This tour's goal is to warm the hearts of people in small towns from every corner of Canada and the U.S.

GONE ON A NOWHERE, that's the theme for this tour. 

Surrounded by outstanding musicians in a cabaret style setting, this romantic and relaxing evening will stop time and allow you to reconnect with your heart and your neighbors. The melodies  from their songs will give you goose bumps, gently rock you and even make you tap your feet in certain parts of the show.

Allow your community to live this moment filled with magic moments and lots of emotion.

Reserve your date right now !!    


  BOOKING    Or text: 514-415-9916

Angel & Jed - A Little Piece of You


Angel & Jed - A little piece of youAngel & Jed
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Angel has a long track record and she is known for her incredible warm vocal signature. She has featured with many artists and bands, has performed on many television platforms. She now join forces with John Jed for this Country power duo.


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John has a long career behind him as the lead singer/songwriter for One To Midnight, he is now well established in Canada and internationally as a country-Rock artist.  He now join forces with Angel Vachon for this Country power duo.

"Angel & Jed gave the nominees and winners chills during their performance at the Zenith Gala..."

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